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Thanks to all for attending the CBT/ AMI register presentation from DVA.

Get the latest information regarding the CBT and AMI register by simply clicking here for information regarding CBT or the AMI schemes.

Online forum

New online forum to discuss changes and ideas, to have your say, arrange meetings and keep up-to-date with developments here.

"Throughout the development of the scheme DVA has worked closely with a stakeholder group, made up of representatives from the industry and collectively we are keen to keep the wider motorcycle instruction industry informed of how the new schemes are likely to work. With this in mind we are considering a half-day event in the greater Belfast area with the aim of providing information on both initiatives. However, in the current financial climate we will only proceed if there is sufficient interest. Therefore if you are interested in attending please contact or ring 02890685289 with your details immediately."

New training information section (including Riding Test Report form explained,  'Show me / Tell Me' questions, Highway Code (for Northern Ireland), motorcycle practical test explained, Motorcycle Manoeuvres Test Report explained as well as information on booking, fees and test centre locations.